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About Us, Bamboo Biryani Indian Cuisine is family owned and operated. We understand and strive on such importance of cultural taste and diversity. We offer a full buffet for Indian dishes which varies from day-to-day. There are over 200 Indian dishes served here, that is why we encourage you to come again, so that you can explore the many different taste we have to offer. FRESH, DELICIOUS, and AUTHENTIC dishes for those of you unfamiliar with Indian cuisine many items are described in simple English terms.

However if you feel that these descriptions are vague, we suggest that you sample a variety of dishes in order to determine your own particular eating pleasure. We take great pride in all of our dishes, using only the freshest ingredients and authentic recipes. Whether you are a fan of vegetarian cuisine or Indian food in general, you will enjoy our flavorful dishes. CALL US AT 210-558-8289. We look forward to providing you with a culinary experience that you will enjoy and want to come back for. In addition to dining, we also provide catering services. Experience the finest of India cuisine at Bamboo Biryani.

We hope you like the flavours and taste that we have chosen for you. When it comes to good taste and flavour we come to think of mummy's cooking, that is why we serve home-style North Indian, South Indian and Hyderabadi food, so if you love your mummy's cooking, but she is too far away for you to have it - come to Rasavid! We want to serve quality food at affordable prices - everyone has the right to good food and good service.

Be it non-vegetarian dishes from across the globe you can touch down on the very best here. Expect to be enlightened by the best of Oriental, Continental, Tandoori or South Indian cuisine.Get to taste the culinary magic of some of the leading chefs in a heartwarming ambience and a predominantly red and spicy décor.

Add to this the courteous and continuous service with buffet and a la carte options for dining and you know why Red-Pepper is the preferred destination for all our regular guests and for those who seek out the wonders of good food.

Hospitality and feeding others elaborately is regarded as one of the main virtue of Indian customary and our restaurant follow this tradition by serving exquisite North and South Indian meals with several varieties of sweet, rice and servings of vegetable curries decked on banana leaves. Our choice of desserts & bakery products are highly regarded by our customers.

Celebrations bring the entire family together and Sangeetha has established itself as a reliable eatery during functions and get together. Our menus during celebrations are made in accordance with the festive tradition thereby exemplering the festive mood and fun.

With younger generations choosing more unhealthy food we owe responsible to nurture a healthier generation and hence we introduce daily attractive specialities enriched with pulses, grains and lentils.

 Our Pillars of Strength:

Highly experienced chefs who are highly motivated, quality products and fresh spices ensure the customers an haute cuisine, a menu sought never pretentious and the solidity of the best Indian culinary tradition.

A refined atmosphere, expert service, hospitality to the guests and the guarantee of a quality kitchen are the key elements that have placed our restaurant among the best.


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